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Full Consumer Marketing & Brand Management

As consumers find information more accessible and trade partners become more demanding, manufacturers are finding profitable growth increasingly hard to come by. The Go2Grocery marketing team aims to generate increased demand by combining sharp thinking and excellent execution and ensuring that it realises full potential of this growth by ensuring that the business is operationally effective in areas such as forecasting to ensure continuity of supply.

Members of the Go2Grocery Marketing Team work closely together, which enables them to tap into a wide range of experiences and contacts as opportunities and issues arise. As consumers receive promotional messages from an increasing number of sources, our marketers focus on the quality of their brand communication and the effectiveness of various channels. Whilst vehicles such as traditional advertising media and packaging still warrant attention, Go2Grocery is committing itself to establishing expertise in digital marketing as it is uniquely placed to provide tailored messages and establish two-way relationships in a measurable and cost-effective manner.

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